Rabu, Mac 23, 2011

Art Carrier - Interior Designer

Interior design refers to the decoration and functionality of any interior space. Interior designers act as consultants to ensure that their clients get what they want and need.


Interior designers must be good with color, fabric, and furniture; have knowledge of materials, and possess good communication skills.

Their work includes creating lay outs, and even purchasing, ordering, supervising contractors, and overseeing budgets.

Most salaried interior designers work for furniture and home furnishings stores, interior designing services, and architectural firms. Others are self-employed and do freelance work -- full time or part time -- in addition to a salaried job in another occupation.


Professionals in the field typically hold at least a bachelor's degree in interior design.

Education in the field will strike a balance between mastering design skills and creativity that will lead to innovative thinking about the inner and outer environment.

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